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Dark Past, Dark Future
A Tioga Vignetta Murder Mystery

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“It was hard to keep feeding the noir virus when she sat and meditated and let her thoughts (and all the little fragments of thoughts) drift like clouds across the blue. Maybe non-attachment was good. Tioga Vignetta closed her eyes. Namaste, she whispered, folding her hands together and bending her head slightly forward.”
— From Dark Past, Dark Future

“If you like mysteries, enjoy sassy women private investigators who go down mean streets, find sex, violence, drugs, and hard-rock intriguing and like to unravel the webs woven by people of good intent and ill repute, you’ll want to sink into a big, dark chair with Jonah Raskin’s new novel, Dark Past, Dark Future.”
—Ida Rae Egle. Author of Krisanthi War: In Hitler's Greece.

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