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Somewhere Bewtween Heaven & Hell

Somewhere Between
Heaven & Hell

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Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell is a charming tale of the Garcia Twins, as they move from grade to grade in Catholic school, with a nod to comedic timing and self-revelations, we learn to love these irascible characters.”
—Marlene Cullen. Editor of The Write Spot anthologies.

Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell is just that, a story of twin boys, who remind you of the Hardy Boys and Huck Finn, mixed with the adventures of Don Quixote. They manage to walk a tightrope of suspense while spending most of their early school years worrying more about the darker Hell that the priests and nuns promised them. Yet, they somehow manage to succeed in capturing friends by their insatiable desire for laughter and just plain fun. The climax is a testament and acknowledgment of what children really want. I wish they had been my neighbors while growing up.”
—Brian R. Martens. Author of Three Raven Gate: Haiku & Other Poems.

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