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A Joe McGrath and Sam Rucker
Detective Novel

Waights Taylor Jr.

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“In this third Joe McGrath and Sam Rucker Detective Novel, set in 1963 in Birmingham, Alabama, you will witness the marches, the planning of the civil rights leaders (Martin Luther King, Jr., Fred Shuttlesworth, and James Bevel), and the violence and corruption of local officials, including a police chief who strongly resembles Bull Connor. Our Southern Home, an earlier book by Waights Taylor, is a critically acclaimed history of Alabama in the twentieth century. King and the civil rights movement came to Birmingham because it was the most segregated city in America. The photographs from the marches of snarling police dogs attacking non-violent protesters and children being knocked to the ground by high-pressure hoses exemplify segregation and racial injustice in America. Taylor’s three detective novels are page-turners. You will not put Heed the Apocalypse down. When you finish you will be shaken. You will reflect on the courage and faith of the men, women, and children who risked everything for justice, and the refusal of those in power to surrender their privileges. And you will not forget Joe and Sam, the private detectives who play key roles in this fictional and gripping version of the major events in Birmingham.”
—Brien Farrell: Attorney, educator, and social activist

“Much like Walter Mosley has done with his characters, Waights Taylor has moved Joe and Sam into a new decade. He involves us in the milieu of Birmingham during the Civil Rights Movement in a mystery that’s action-packed from the first page and as intriguing as the human drama that fueled the period. He has another winner with Heed the Apocalypse.”
—John Koetzner: Poet, author, and former Mendocino College Library Director

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