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Ten years ago, the authors started writing a book about the 1954 Apache Football Team in Vallejo, Califronia. The team was mentioned in Sports Illustrated as maybe the best team in the nation that year. The article was also about Dick Bass, and the magazine called him the best running back in the country. The authors also wrote about the ’53 Team, because it sets the stage for the ’54 Season. The book covers the key players in their developmental years in the Junior High programs in 1951 and 1952 and then into the ’53 and ’54 seasons of Vallejo High School. The three Junior Highs at that time were Vallejo, Franklin and recently opened Hogan.


Ed Sowash is a retired high school and college football coach. He coached for 36 years—16 in high school, 7 in J.C. and 13 in major college. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, he moved to Vallejo, California, in 1943, so his father could work at Mare Island during WW II. Ed and his wife, Darla live in Windsor, California, in the Sonoma County Wine Country. They have
two children, Cindy and Craig, three grand-children, Rachel, Marshall and Karen.
Dale Flowers lives in Aptos, California. He is a retired international organization training and development consultant. He has worked with indigenous peoples and programs in North America, Africa, the Middle East and East Asia. Dale is the father of five sons, six grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

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