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Apollo Blue's Harp and the Gods of Song

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“Poetry and music have always danced hand in hand. Open the pages of Coletti’s latest collection of poems, Apollo Blue’s Harp And The God of Song, and shimmy into his passion for jazz, blues, classical and rock. Inspired by allthese styles, Coletti takes you on a carpet ride powered by his keen knowledge of Coltrane, “someone named Miles,” Van Morrison, Art Pepper, Eric Clapton and more. Fly over numerous aesthetic realms, from Bob Dylan to Scarlatti, and appreciate how Coletti’s poems stalk and stack the music, creating their own music in the process whether through free verse or form (who else has written a triolet based on a line by The Grateful Dead?). Read this book and you may be compelled to look up some names and music you haven’t heard before. Then you’ll want to read the book again with a new understanding of the deep connection to sound Coletti presents on these pages. Take your time, even “sidereal time/stardust time, Bessie blue time…” (“Coltrane, Dig?”) as Coletti strives “to find the music accompanying/(his) word visions…” (“Questing”). You may find yourself shouting ‘Go man, go!’"
—Katherine Hastings, author of Shakespeare & Stein Walk Into a Bar

"In case you didn’t notice, this book of poems has a very long title. That’s appropriate because the poet, Ed Coletti, has enjoyed a long life of thinking, being and writing. APOLLO BLUE’S HARP AND THE GODS OF SONG won’t be Coletti’s last book, or so we hope. But it marks the culmination of his love of jazz and the gods, rock ‘n’ roll and language itself, which as he knows has the power to give us the only kind of eternity that we will ever know on Earth and maybe also in Heaven. From first to last, Apollo Blues Harp and the Gods of Song, plays old melodies in a new key that will persuade readers to stand on their hind legs, dance, wail, weep and rejoice. If I didn’t know better, this book would persuade me that Ed Coletti was born and raised in the Mississippi Delta and that Duke Ellington, John Coltrane and Charlie Parker invited him to join their jam sessions, and that he learned from them all he knows. You dig, man? If you don’t, then please read Apollo’s Blue Harp and the Gods of Song before the coming apocalypse.”
—Jonah Raskin, author of the poetry chapbooks, Rock n’ Roll Women, and The Fury of the Fires


Ed Coletti is a poet, widely published internationally. He also is a painter and middling chess player. Most recent poetry collections were Germs, Viruses & Catechisms (2013 Civil Defense Press, SF) and The Problem With Breathing (Edwin Smith Publishing –Little Rock- 2015). A few sample journals include ZYSSYVA, Volt, and North American Review. Ed also curates the popular ten-year-old blog “No Money In Poetry.” Coletti writes, “There was a time when I almost completely gave up writing. This was during the years 1973-1987. Then I reclaimed my soul and have written and published regularly again from 1987 to the present.” Ed and Joyce Coletti were among those who lost their homes and all their possessions to the 2017 Sonoma County, California, wildfire. Ed recently has published a chapbook titled Fire Storm through Round Barn Press. The influences on Coletti’s lifelong passion for all modes of music are partially enumerated in the acknowledgments section of this book.

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