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Arnold scrambles over icy London rooftops in the dead of night, a still-warm illegal transmitter under his arm, with police in hot pursuit. What else would you expect from someone who loves Dr. Who, Monty Python, and the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, although he's more Arthur Dent than Ford Prefect. Delve into the world of El Supremo, a shy kid who found his voice and passion in the world of Pirate Radio.


“What fun the new pirates had! Dancing naked at Stonehenge is just one story that must be told. Yet Arnold reveals a darker side to their antics, of a forceful, unrelenting campaign to thwart their perfectly reasonable desire to establish an alternative ‘community radio’ service. All power to its microphones.”
—Chris Welch—British music writer and editor

“Set sail with these land pirates on the radio waves of 70’s London— on the run, across urban rooftops to the fields at Stonehenge, broadcasting forbidden rock, the politics of squatters, and the seeds of punk—challenging the mighty BBC, and the law. Levine brings us into the Radio Concord adventure with remarkable detail from first transmission to a spiritual successor in America.”
—Stephen Rathe—Peabody award-winning NPR producer & host

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