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The Hunt for Blackfoot Lion

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Imagine a huge mountain lion drifting out of the boreal forest, a lion so large that its genotype appears only once every thousand years. Imagine its first encounters with civilization as the citizens of Elkhorn are thrown into a terror-stricken panic. Incredibly, it is an animal with no fear of man. Imagine a mysterious, Native American woman who reads leaves and speaks with birds. “There is only one man who can confront this beast,” she says, “And he has left the reservation and broken all ties with the past.” Imagine this and you are are entering…The Hunt for Blackfoot Lion.


T.W. Hard is a physician and author who lives with his family in
northern California. Previous works include three short stories:
Molokini,” “The Island,” and “The Leopard” published in the
Saturday Evening Post; plus two novels; Oasis and SUM VII. SUM VII had foreign editions printed in Italy and the United Kingdom with film rights purchased by Twentieth Century Fox. Over the past several years the author has written a number of articles for the Sonoma County Medical Society. Two of these; “Into the Valley of Wolves” and “Touched by the Dragon’s Tongue” were selected for “Article of the Year” awards.

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