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"A very enjoyable read from start to finish. I could hear Vilma’s voice clearly in every poem. There’s a gutsiness in the political poems, a bright singing in the poems about writing and creation, a rich solemnity in the poems that honor the memory of creators, poets, musicians, friends, and her own life’s work—all part of the celebration reflected in the explosion of color and light chosen as an opening image for the collection. My personal favorites were ‘f__ ing [fleeting] expletives,’ ‘acoustic kitty,’ ‘visiting bee,’ ‘before words,’ ‘music manuscripts,’ and ‘solo recital.’ I also really liked the phrase ‘our covenant of quiet’ from the poem ‘silence revisited.’ It so captures the resignation and complicity that has gotten us to this brink of indifferent, self-gratifying, soul-destroying capital-fascism.”
—Terry Ehret, Sonoma County Poet Laureate, 2004–2005

"From ‘speaking up’ boldly and clearly, to ‘word sounds’ from her muse’s murmurs, and to ‘joyful noises,’ jubilant joyeux with a hint of tristesse, section by section Vilma Ginzberg writes from age and outrage, from doubt and wisdom, and with gracious gratitude. Making noise joins Ginzberg’s other superbly penned works to touch our shared human experience with the intimacy of a dearly-held friend.”
—Ann Carranza, poet, reporter, videographer

"Thank God that octogenarian Vilma Ginzberg cannot help herself. She must ‘make noise,’ and once again does so insistently, angrily, touchingly, and beautifully in her latest poetry collection unsurprisingly titled making noise. Every poem that Ms. Ginzberg writes truly embodies the woman she is now, the product of her long life as a psychologist, activist, and all around feisty but loving human being. However, it’s not enough for Vilma Ginzberg to look back and reflect on politics, sounds, loves, and music, she goes a step beyond and looks forward to her own death in the movingly provocative ‘After the Funeral.’ Read this book as a wise poet moves forward never missing a step.”
—Ed Coletti, author of When Hearts Outlive Minds (2011) and Germs, Viruses, and Catechisms (Civil Defense Publications, San Francisco 2013)

"Vilma Ginzberg’s collection of poems is music. While reading many of these poems—but especially her poems ‘Rift Valley, Kenya’ and ‘after the goodbye’ and, most especially, her birthday gift to me—’for Chester Aaron at 90’—I heard music—music I can only identify with reliance on the tribute Classical.”
—Chester Aaron, author of 20-plus books, garlic-grower


Vilma Olsvary Ginzberg was the fifth Healdsburg [CA] Literary Laureate [2008/2009]. A retired psychologist, she turned to writing in earnest late in life, and since 2004 has published four books of poetry: Colors of Glass in 2004, Murmurs & Outcries in 2007, Snake Pit in 2010, and I Don’t Know How to Do This, poems on aging, in 2011. In addition, she was co-editor, with Doug Stout, of the anthology Present at the Creation, 2006, a publication of the Healdsburg Literary Guild. Her work has appeared in anthologies: Present at the Creation, 2006, A Day in the Life of Healdsburg, 2007, Sometimes in the Open, 2009, When the Muse Calls, 2009, and Continent of Light, 2011. One of her family stories, The Christmas Lesson, was dramatized by The Imaginists theater group in 2007.

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