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“For 15 years we have relished Vilma Ginzberg’s poetry and prose, and now, in Octogenarian On Fire, she plumbs again her seemingly bottomless reservoir of inspiration and energy to surface with evernew treasures...she continues to embody creative force and spirit that the rest of us can only envy. Her poems exemplify craft, originality and vision, as well as what all lasting poetry seems to have: empathy and authenticity...These are poems to absorb, savor, honor, and read again and again.”
—David Beckham, author of Language Factory of the Mind

“If you want to know a real human being, read these poems. If you want to walk with Vilma Ginzberg, talk with her, let her take you, barefoot, across her fields and through her wooded hills into the land of her experience, know that you might well throw away your disguises and wear your true face.”
—Clare Morris, author of Love Poems to the City

“Vilma Olsvary Ginzberg blazes the truth of what is indispensable and being lost...equally full of outrage that cuts to the quick and compassion that binds the wounds....fiery bright in dark places....hearth fire words of loving warmth, slow glow gratitude, grief underneath outrage....celebrating earth’s core burn from which life grows. It’s a wonder this book does not combust in our hands!”
—Shashana Kane Proctor, author of Cave of the Casting Bones


Vilma Olsvary Ginzberg was the fifth Healdsburg [CA] Literary Laureate [2008/2009]. A retired psychologist, she turned to writing in earnest late in life. In 2004, at age 77, she published the first of her six books of poetry, Colors of Glass, followed by Murmurs & Outcries 2007, Snake Pit 2010, I Don’t Know How to Do This, poems on aging 2011, making noise 2013, and 90 is the new 2018. She has completed her first two volumes of memoir for her family, When the Iris Blooms 2012, and Mostly Roses 2015, and soon, her latest memoir tentatively untitled will join them. A fourth, covering the three to four decades of her career, is in progress. Shortly after turning 90, she established, with poet friend Clare Morris, a monthly poetry venue, the Second Thursday PoetryPlus evening, in her new home, Friends House, a Quaker-inspired retirement community in Santa Rosa, California, where her gratitudes continue to accumulate.

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