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“A beautiful reflection on Paris in the grand tradition, and a reminder of what keeps writers traveling there and what they return with -- in this case, a great gift for readers.”
—C.E. McAuley, Publisher/Editor-In-Chief, Culture Counter Magazine

“A marvelous little travel book....the Beckmans’ eye for detail and infectious love of Paris help us capture the daily, street-level joys of living in the city that invented joie de vivre.”
—Keith McCormick, retired diplomat and Francophile


Sharon Beckman grew up in the Lone Star State and visited Paris, Texas, long before she had Paris, France in her sights. But, once “she saw pairee” there was no keeping her down on the farm. After a career in marketing in New York and moving to Sonoma County 11 years ago, she and her husband spent two months in Paris living like Parisians. Sharon’s many years of study at Alliance Française have allowed her to order food fluently in a Paris bistro!

David’s interest in the expatriate writers who lived in Paris in the 1920s has mushroomed into a love a air with the city. Walking there every day for two months was hard on the feet but easy on the eye, mind and heart. Oh, and the palate (miraculously, he lost four pounds, in spite of all those croissants, patés, pastries, ice creams, cafés, bistros and brasseries). He plans a book called “Losing Half a Pound a Week in Paris While Eating Like a Crazy Person.”

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