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How I Became President of the United States of America

How I Became President

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Put on your spurs and prepare for a satirical presidential election against Little hands as Stuart Kiehl runs on a single campaign issue, “No more robo calls.”

What Others Are Saying

Circus Revues: “The Emperor wears no clothes! And, peek a boo, he is indeed Little Hands!”

O’Frah Reading Club: “This man saved America! We ALL now have privacy restored!”

NY Journal Book Review: “Is this Science Fiction, Non Fiction or Fiction? The lines are blurred but the focus clear and incisive-Americans finally have a real hero. Bravo!”


Joe the Plumber Publishing: “They fooled me, the Money Party and their media megaphone, but this dude you want on your side….”

NOTE: RT (Russian Television), RNC (formerly Republican National Committee, now Trump Trough), and DNC (Democratic National Committee), all refused comment and have not endorsed this book.

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