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A Happy Memoir

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Welcome to my lifetime. Courtesy of an ingenious Celestial Cruise Director my years on this planet range from a time when people identified as “that way” were mentioned only in a whisper to a time when anyone “gay” was considered highly suspect to the present when “gay” is becoming accepted as a ubiquitous category of being.

Gay is now seen by many as just the “G” in a sea of capital letters standing for a generous variety of intriguing and interesting hanky-panky. Please enjoy my book and most of all live every minute of your life, whatever capital letter represents you! If none of the 26 seem to fit, just invent another one and use it with pride. Delight in who you are!

Born in a wild summer thunderstorm on the Iowa Prairie, 1939, Marvin R. Hiemstra is an award-winning writer/performer whose poetry and social commentary appears in magazines, anthologies, and literary journals around the world. Accolades for Marvin’s poetry/humor DVD, FRENCH KISS DESTINY include “The performance sets several new standards for poetry in our times.” -- Rattle. The Great American Pinup praised “the rich humor, high-wire poetics, and deeply-felt emotion.” Library Journal noted “Hiemstra’s remarkable and expressive performance style.” “Leaves are forming everywhere, even while we chat.”

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