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Refusing to acknowledge the growing limitations of age, Carson Williamson clings tenaciously to his self-image as an independent, self-reliant, problem-solving builder who worked on the twentieth-century enabling infrastructure that made today’s West possible: 1920s earthquake recovery in Santa Barbara, transmission lines across the Tehachapis, the Colorado River Aqueduct through the Mojave, Depression-era rock stacking in Pasadena, a hydro-electric dam in Polson, Montana, a WWII aircraft plant in L.A., construction of Disneyland in Anaheim and the San Onofre nuclear plant.

To escape 1990s commercialism and nagging advice from his well-meaning family, Carson finds solace and regains a measure of control over his life behind the wheel of his old Buick station wagon. In the Buick he feels independent, finds ways to be useful and even re-kindles an adventuresome spirit while exploring northern California backroads. As creeping physical and mental disabilities close in, Carson intensifies his search for an ideal place where nothing will intrude on him, where he is in control, at one with the natural world he loves, and he can reflect on his long life in peace. He finally finds it.

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