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Three Raven Gate
Haiku & Other Poems

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"Excelent read. Very inspiring and thought provoking. Have already recommended to many friends!"
—Amazon 5-Star Review

“Brian R. Martens is a master of the traditional Japanese art form known as the haiku, which is short and compact. He also writes longer poems, which give him the opportunity to explore big topics like time and space, mystery and what he calls “Vision Wind.” Both haiku and longer poems are collected in a new book titled Three Raven Gate, published by McCaa Books, a major North Bay publisher of poetry. In an essay at the back of this book, Martens explains that he was ‘hiding my voice behind other poets’ and that ‘revealing of my inner thoughts and life in words is my salvation and a way to befriend myself.’ The poems in Three Raven Gatethe immense mysteries of the human heart. The illustrations by artist Michael Hofmann—who is a master of Japanese brush painting—stand on their own. They also enhance Martens’ haiku. Three Raven Gate is a feast for the eye and the ear.”
—Jonah Raskin. Author of Natives, Newcomers, Exiles, Fugitives: Northern California Writers and their Work.

“Within Brian Martens’s Three Raven Gate a reader finds the best kind of poetry: direct experience transformed into contemplation and understanding. This fine gift of a moment’s pleasure reminds us that the most admirable human activity is sharing.”
—Marvin Hiemstra. Author of French Kiss Destiny, Poet Wrangler, and the upcoming Memories: Snug under a Raven’s Wing.

“Brian Martens is a myth-maker and a dreamer. He does what many poets do, looking closely at the experiences of his life to see where they open out into spaciousness. But my inner ear also caught mythic tones and dream-time themes. He weaves them together with the quotidian, and suddenly there is something shining and breathing there that gives blessing.”
—Sherrie Rose-Walker. Author of two chapbooks, Two Trees and Celtic Ray.

“Martens’ haiku exist in that ephemeral space we seek in our daily lives.”
—Amos White. Haiku poet and author of The Sound of The Web: Haiku poetry on Facebook and Twitter.


Brian R. Martens is a poet, writer, podcaster, and speaker, and he facilitates creativity workshops. He was born in Martensdale, Iowa and now lives in Forestville, California, and has adult children, Trevor and Natalie. He has two grandchildren, three-year-old Jack and three-month-old Desmond. He delights in his grandchildren and is active in their lives. He is a California Poets in the Schools teacher and attends open microphone sessions as often as possible. He loves to garden, take improv classes, exercise, and walk in nature.

His teachers and mentors say that Brian has always been a poet, but it wasn’t until the fall of 2017 that he read in Julia Cameron’s book "The Artist’s Way," about the “shadow artist” and realized that it was time for him to step out from behind being a shadow poet and commit, take a stand, and publish a book of poetry. He didn’t know how that would happen at the time but he had undergone enough training in his master’s in organization development plus many seminars in leadership, marketing, and many other disciplines that he felt he could create a book. He also felt it was time to trust the Universe and let go of how this creation might happen.

What he realized, after compiling the poems, is that this revealing of his inner thoughts and life in words is his salvation and a way to befriend myself. Rather than constantly looking outward for acknowledgment and recognition, he found that exploring his inner world and writing has been the real revelation, a source of peace and grace. It has brought him a sense of peace that the outer world has refused to offer up.

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