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River's End

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Kazumi Matsuoka, haiku master and vineyard owner, having witnessed a near-fatal vehicle crash on her property, learns that the young woman in the overturned van is the daughter of her friend, English professor Warren Clifton. Some of the characters we meet in the novel, Beside the River, return in this sequel to explore the reaches of their lives near the river. River’s End will immerse the reader in the struggles of drug addiction, homelessness, murder, bound in the whirlwind of climate change. It will present characters who search for friendship, love, freedom, and validation at the junction of the river and infinity.


“What a delightful book this is, a rare blend of sincerity, spirituality and humor! The author captures the essence of this little Welsh-American community and he clearly knows and loves the people there. It’s a page-turner, with its mysteries (what happened to the $10,000?), colorful characters and powerful Welsh hymn singing. As we say in Wales “Llyfr ardderchog”/ an excellent read!”
—Eryl Aynsley, Cultural Director, Welsh-American Society of Northern California, Chorister and Gymanfa Ganu Conductor

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