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As the World Goes So Do I

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Sometimes when we are shaken from our norm, the disruption becomes a driving force for some new action. When a cage is rattled, the bird inside jumps and cries out. Fear has struck and there is no stronger force than fear. If there were no cage, the trapped bird would surely fly away. When I see the world around me becoming unstable, I seem to be called to action before it collapses. I don’t want to fly away like the scared bird. My primary response is to stay, examine the whole picture—who, what, why, where, and when. What is actually happening and why? Where is it happening and when did it start, or when will it end? Things have dramatically changed in my world. There are often times I can hardly bear the thought of this place being the future of my children and their children.

As conditions change, it’s not difficult to find those things that must be preserved, beginning with the planet itself. One of the techniques I will use in this book is to examine history. By going backwards, I hope to get a broad perspective, not only of the cultures and the people who lived before, but of my own history. I don’t really want to compose my personal biography, after all, we become who we are because of who we all are, the people who we are close to, and the dictates of our culture. Any biography simply cuts out a small slice of that whole picture. My thoughts and my writings are an attempt to discover who I am at this time. I would also like to find the answers to the whole picture, the current big questions.

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