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"Bill McCausland deftly weaves a complex and compelling story that shows the long-lasting effects of war. Beautifully written, In the Mouth of the Wolf is a pleasure to experience and will make all readers look at human conflicts in a new way.”
Ann Howard Creel. Award-winning author of nine novels, seven for young adults and two for adults

"In the Mouth of the Wolf is an honest, provocative and complex narrative full of adventures along the California coast and road trips to Laguna Salada and Santo Tomás in Mexico. Through an astute understanding of his own emotional terrain, Memo makes sense of his odyssey. From the depths of war’s aftermath and a compelling love affair, he discovers within himself the ability to navigate life’s dangerous opportunities.”
Jeanmarie Morelli. Magazine and newspaper writer

"In the Mouth of the Wolf explores the collateral damage of war inflicted upon soldiers, and their loved ones, after returning home from Vietnam. Heartbreaking, riveting, astonishing, and beautifully rendered, this story is a major stoke. McCausland is a Big Wave story teller. He masterfully evokes the battles that engulf Memo and his Vietnam vet buddies and their families after returning home from the war. With compassion, voice, pace, and riveting tension, McCausland takes us on an unflinching, powerful journey of discovery, healing, and redemption. His book deserves a place on your bookshelf, right between For Whom The Bell Tolls and The Things They Carried. McCausland is the real deal.”
Guy Biederman. Playwright, actor, creative writing professor, and author of House Samurai

"In narrating the psychological damage of an unpopular war, Bill McCausland has expanded our horizons of an era we thought we knew well. This story of three soldiers struggling to find their way back to their wives after serving in Vietnam is by turns harrowing and hopeful, sorrowful and, in the end, life-affirming.”
——John Paine. Professional book editor of many New York Times best sellers


Bill McCausland is a Vietnam War veteran who had a special assignment from the Department of the Army to work in a joint militarycivilian counterinsurgency program in Vietnam. He was assigned to the Military Assistance Command-Vietnam and worked with the civilians of the United States Agency for International Development. He worked with a colonel in a two-man office at a U.S. Embassy Annex to assist a general who was the special assistant to Ambassador Bill Colby who later became the head of the CIA. McCausland went to graduate school when he returned from Vietnam and earned a doctorate in clinical psychology. He attended the training program of the Veterans Administration at the National Center for PTSD in Palo Alto. He was also on the best practices committee for PTSD as part of the Kaiser Permanente Medical Group for northern California. McCausland also has a masters of fine arts in creative writing.

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